Percolator Fuzz

by Comodoro Pedals


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Effect: Fuzz

The PERCOLATOR FUZZ is our version of the famous pedal created by Interfax in the 70s, the Harmonic Percolator.

We use the same germanium transistor discontinued years ago, the 2n404a but we have modified the circuit to round out the sound, achieving a more versatile design capable of developing vintage overdrive tones or dirty but well-defined distortions full of the harmonics so characteristic of this pedal.

We wanted to maintain the simplicity of the original pedal which consists of only two controls:

Harmonics: controls the input signal and therefore the gain and distortion.

The pedal reacts really well with the volume control of your instrument.

Volume: to control the output level.

Works with 9v DC power adapter with negative center.

Consumption: 10 mA

Measurements: 112.4 x 60.5 x 31 mm

All Comodoro pedals are hand assembled one by one.