Pine Green Compressor

by BJFe Pedals


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Pine Green Compressor (PGC4K)-Wide band low distortion, subtle, natural compression.  The four-knob version of BJFe Pine Green Compressor gives you separate controls for bass and treble. Björn Juhl of BJFe is maybe best known for his overdrive pedals, but he is also one of the best guitar compressor designers as well. Björn's description of the current model: "This is the latest version utilizing separate Treble and Bass controls with more defined tuning over previous versions and it uses an attack/decay network that automatically adjusts decay time for long and short transients and this can for instance make an open C chord to play without pumping where the note intervals typically would cause pumping.".

Controls: Volume: Sets output volume level. You can also use the Pine Green Compressor as a booster, as there is a lot of headroom available. Compression: Sets the amount of compression. More compression towards 5 o'clock. Bass: Sets how much the bass and low mids are compressed. Treble: Controls how much treble comes out after compression.

Power Requirements: 2.1mm 9V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 6,5 mA True Bypass

The PGC is the perfect compressor pedal for electric and electric acoustic guitars and guitar amps.  Evens out the tone by limiting attack and extending sustain. Compressors are especially effective in recording and live. The effect on acoustic guitars and steel guitars is enormous, and you can play smoothly without changing the level.

It's often said that the best compressor in an electric guitar is the one you don't notice while it's on, and that you crave it when it's off. It is also effective to set it strongly so that you can see that the compressor effect is being applied.

Compressed tones are accentuated by a "chopped" character in the attack. Weak parts of the signal are amplified, increasing the overall signal treble. Because of this, common compressors are made to cut treble and reduce noise. However, PGC does not use this method. This is especially true with guitars, where various effects are connected, and effective filtering is impossible in any situation.
Instead, PGC does not filter except for the bare minimum, such as protection from possible radio interference. In order to achieve low noise and balanced treble even without a filter, high-quality parts are used and the design is unique to BJFe.

The important points in the design of PGC are as follows. PGC meets all these requirements.

・Fast attack and slow release. This is the setting most guitarists use. The response is optimized by the parts used.

・Wide range compression. From light transient limiting to massive compression with endless sustain

・No treble loss. Everywhere on the pedal, we've put in a lot of effort to maintain the sound as much as possible and keep the noise out.

・Low distortion and at the same time good character when overloaded.

・The design must be highly durable.

・Built-in battery monitor. LED dims at low voltage.

- Reduce current consumption and extend battery life.

, Boost capacity. It should be usable as a booster even at low compression settings.

The COMP knob sets compression strength and sustain. Low settings are almost peak limited, high settings give more compression and less touch-sensitive response. At maximum settings, it adds heavy compression and long, seemingly endless sustain, without sacrificing tonal clarity. Start setting this knob around 10 o'clock. The most dynamic feel can be obtained with a setting where you can't tell whether the compressor is applied or not by turning the effect on/off.

The Vol knob adjusts the volume balance. Start by setting it at 12 o'clock and adjust the tone from there. The Body knob is the last control added, and it adjusts the EQ. It's a control that can be adjusted to suit different styles, and it's perfect for balancing, especially when the compression is turned up. You can also use this knob to cut the treble just a little bit and make it sound like a classic guitar compressor.

The PGC is designed for high impedance, not too high output pickups. Low output passive pickups allow you to use your guitar's Volume control effectively. The output is set to a maximum value of about 10K, matching guitar amps, many effects, and tape echoes.

The PGC runs on a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter. Current consumption is about 4.5mA (3.5mA when the effect is off). When the supply voltage drops to 7V, the tone becomes muffled and the LED becomes dark. In that case, replace the battery or check the connected adapter.