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Effects: Boost, rangemaster

Take off the classic Rangemaster Treble Boost, used by Brian May of Queen, Sabbath and Deep Purple. The beauty of the Rangemaster is it takes a mild overdriven tube guitar amp and push's it into outer space for the classic Crunch Rock sound. These pedals are made like the rest of the Tru-Fi line with lots of love and time,

NOTE !!! The switch on the panel says ON/Off like the original but is really a tri-mode frequency selector: Up is full sound, middle is treble sound, down is bass enhanced.

They are built with REAL OC44 Mullard Black Glass Transistors

Please Note, Tru-Fi pedals are available in many different finishes including Chrome.
Some models have different transistor and Plaque options. Get in touch if you want something specific.