SAND STORM envelope noise generator

by Lastgasp Art Laboratories


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Effect: Noise Generator

The "SANDSTORM - envelope noise generator" (SS) is an effect pedal that outputs white noise which follows the envelope of an input signal.

The effect sound (white noise) is output louder if the velocity of the input sound is louder, and it is not output if there is no input signal.

The effect and direct level controls are independent to mix for output.

The white noise can be output continuously by selecting the INFINITY switch.
From the left at the top; "EFFECT LEVEL", "SENS", "INFINITY" SWITCH, "TONE" at the middle and "DIRECT LEVEL" at the bottom. The "EFFECT LEVEL" controls the effect sound (white noise) level when the effect is on, the "SENS" controls the sensitivity of the effect. The "TONE" controls the tone, and the "DIRECT LEVEL" Controls the dry sound level when the effect is on. controls the overall output level when the effect is switched on. The "INFINITY" switches to output the white noise for all the time. The "SENS" control becomes disabled when the switch is on.
On the top side, there are jacks for an AC ADAPTER, an OUTPUT and an INPUT.
When the "INFINITY" switch is engaged, you can create a continuous wall of 'white noise' however, one of unique functions of the pedal is that it features an envelope controlled output. This means the white noise is engaged when your instrument is played!

It is great for many music styles such as noise , experimental music or loud/harsh styles such as hardcore and shoegazer. However the possibilities are limitless! Add extra spice and intensity to your sound.

SAND STORM envelope noise generator