Scarlett Overdrive

by Red Witch

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Effect: Overdrive

The passionate redhead.

She delivers smooth creamy break up with delicious front end clarity. When you need an uncluttered, concise overdrive, come and knock on Scarlett’s door.

Scarlett provides a singing, sustained overdrive that rock and blues players crave. She offers the same sort of sustain found in an overdriven tube amplifier – not too much distortion, just a very vocal, lyrical tonality.

Seven years in conception and finally realised in 2011, Scarlett’s siblings: the Seven Sisters, are a revolutionary new concept in the realm of guitar effects pedals. The world’s first rechargeable guitar pedals – the Sisters feature a Lithium Ion cell (like that found in your cell phone or digital camera) and internal charging circuitry.

Two simple controls with maximum versatility results in Scarlett currently being our biggest seller in the Seven Sisters range.

Simply connect Scarlett to a regular guitar pedal power supply, charge her for four hours and Voila! 120 hours of actual use!

· Volume and gain controls
· Internal tone trim adjustment
· Rechargeable
· Jack sockets mounted on top side
· True bypass
· Use either internal rechargeable battery or standard 9 volt DC wall wart supply

Current Draw: 110ma
Weight: 157 grams
Dimensions: 90mm x 30mm x 45mm