Shoegazer 12 LoFi Reverb

by Maneco Labs


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Effects: Lo-Fi, Reverb

12 bits reverb pedal based on algorithms from MIdiverb 1 and 2 from the eighties.

Shoegaze, dream pop, oceanic rock, what do they have in common?

Well, besides Jaguars and bass vi’s , the extensive use of vintage rack effect units from the eighties . most iconic being Midiverbs 1 and 2 , and also SPX90 and FX500 from the Japanese Y. Those are cool if you can get one (or two) working units in the second or third hand market, but pretty inconvenient for live use due to a not so great bypass scheme, bulky size and not especially guitar and bass levels friendly.

Enter the Shoegazer12 , inspired by those venerable units but with many twists .

Signal wise there’s an analog path with pre emphasis, low pass filtering, compression , before the digital processing, and that was exactly what was done on those ´Vintage digital´units.

By avoiding the use of modern DSP and canned solutions, features like analog modulation and variation of the global sampling rate is easy here, you can even do “dive bomb” reverb and delay bends with an expression pedal.

Let’s not forget that this is 12 bits, so it’s noisy but has a strong personality. No hi fi perfection here.

Downside is that it is addictive, so you’ll spend countless hours on those alien reverb landscapes that are possible. You have been warned

8 programs, first 4 , 40 to 43 based on reverse reverb from Midiverb 1 , and last 4 based on Bloom from Midiverb 2.

  • 40- reverse long
  • 41-reverse medium
  • 42-reverse short
  • 43-reverse regen
  • 44-massive Bloom.
  • 45-Classic Bloom
  • 46-Bloom delay 1
  • 47-Bloom delay 2

Length: 145mm
Width: 120mm
Depth: 40mm