Smog overdrive

by Mastro Valvola


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Effect: Overdrive

An extremely versatile, warm sounding transparent overdrive.

With its huge range of tonal frequencies and high sound definition the SmoG will make you notice every string’s twang and every note in your chord.
Furthermore, the SmoG is highly touch sensitive and dynamic responsive which makes the SmoG feel like an organic extension to your guitar.
The SmoG has also been specifically designed to respond well to low frequencies, therefore it will work perfectly with bass guitars as well.
As with most of our pedals, the SmoG comes with a 9V battery inside, ready to rock.


- Completely analog circuit

- True bypass switch

- Power supply: 9-18V/10 mA

- Size (L x W x H): 9 cm x 11 cm x 6.6 cm

Smog overdrive