Smug Face Ge

by RoShi Pedals


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Effects: Fuzz, Fuzz Face, Germanium

Using the warmth and softness of the Germanium transistor, we have reproduced the Germanium fuzz face sound that RoShi Pedals imagines.

Carefully selected domestically produced germanium transistors respond linearly to the volume and tone of your guitar.

Among the many transistors I tried, I chose two types of transistors. Germanium transistors made in Japan often have a straightforward sound quality, but one type lacks stickiness and glassy high-pitched sounds. By combining two types of transistors with different characteristics, we expressed the sound that RoShi Pedals was aiming for.

Variation in sound is inevitable when using germanium transistors. This SMUG FACE Ge also has individual differences in sound. There is a difference in change when you turn down the gain height or the guitar volume. However, at the stage of assembling, we perform sound checks one by one and make adjustments. There are no so-called outliers, such as those that break off and have no sustain. I'm finishing up with a sound that I think is wonderful.

You can control the fuzz face from the glassy clean sound to the biting crunch sound at your fingertips.

Furthermore, by adopting the Shave knob, it covers even the overdrive sound. The Shave knob cuts the bass at the input stage, allowing you to adjust the sound while leaving the biting highs.

Not only for those who like the Germanium fuzz face, but also for those who are looking for a controllable overdrive pedal that takes advantage of the texture of germanium transistors.


・Made in Japan Vintage germanium transistor

・Resistor uses carbon composite. Manufacturers are different. Since the selection is made with emphasis on the measured resistance value and sound, there will be differences depending on the individual.

・True bypass (Switch: alpha)


・DC Jack Center Plus

・Jack: Cliff (made in England)

・Solder: Ersin multicore (made in England)

 Please note that almost all work is done by hand.

The signature and design of the box and main body are subject to change without notice.

We recommend using batteries whenever possible. It has a DC Jack, but I added it to use an external battery snap (sold separately). Although it can be used with a power supply, it does not have any circuits such as noise countermeasures and protection circuits from the power supply. Please check the electrode before using DC Jack. THIS UNIT IS CENTER POSITIVE