Smug Face Si

by RoShi Pedals


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Effects: Fuzz Face, Silicon

This is the silicon version of the Roshi Smug Face using BC108C transistors. 

It's based on the sound of my '69 fuzz face.
The core transistor is not the original TFK used, but it is an old transistor. I chose the transistor that I thought was the closest to the original among the old and recent ones I tried. (The legs are a mixture of silver and gold.)
The resistance uses carbon composite, but the manufacturers are different. We give priority to numerical values ​​when selecting. Depending on the individual, resistance from different manufacturers may be adopted.
The controls are:
V: Volume
ZZ: Gain

The shave control adjusts the amount of bass. Fully open to the left, equivalent to the original fuzz face. Turning it to the right reduces the bass and the gain a little. I think that the original fuzz face is difficult to use, such as being saturated with the guitar used (humbucker, etc.) and incompatible, or the sound cannot be heard unless the guitar is squeezed when the pedal is turned on.
I think that it will adapt to some extent by adjusting with SHAVE.

・ True bypass (Switch: alpha)
・ DC Jack 9v Center negative, or internal battery clip
・ Jack: Cliff (made in the UK)
・ Solder: Ersin multicore (made in the UK)