Soot - octave fuzz distortion

by Blue Colander


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Effects: Fuzz, Octave

Soot is an octave destroyer designed to provide an extremely wide range of overall distortion character, from gritty octave drive, through nasty noises machine, up to obese, sputtery fuzz with note bloom carrying wild modulations. It's very sensitive to playing dynamics and used instrument, also cleans up really well. Stacks great before other dirts to provide extra colour, or can be used after other dirts for utter sonic destruction.

Current finish is fully etched with stamped but unpainted lettering for a raw look - each pedal looks a bit different (backplate is raw aluminum).

- vol - output level control with plenty of available volume,
- fuzz - control of overall dirt character.

There are also two internal controls:
- filter - simple low pass filter, turn CCW for brighter sound or turn CW for darker sound (it's set around middle by default),
- balance - my best advice is to keep it at default setting, which provide the most intensive octave up sounds. Anyway feel free to experiment and turn either way for less octave and more gritty, textured fuzz tones.