Sounds of Today MK1

by Ghost Effects


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Effects: Fuzz, MK1

A heavily modified version of the Tone Bender mk1 circuit.

The results of breadboarding the MK1 circuit and trying out a few ideas I had from building 'stock' MK1s.

At extremes the tone is more full on than a 'stock' MK1 however more overdriven tones can be achieved by backing off the 'Drive' which controls the amount of signal being sent to transistor 3.

Input/Output capacitors are the same as a 'stock' MK1, the 3rd capacitor has been increased in value for more artefacts to the fuzz sound, biasing and level is hotter than a 'stock' MK1.

I use a high gain transistor for transistor 2 which achieves the tone I wanted from this version.

The Bias control is actually the 'Attack' control from the original MK1, I decided to take this opportunity to re-label it! This controls the bias of transistor 2.

Using the Bias control you can dial in a sweet spot and get smooth sustained fuzz near the bottom end of its travel, or turn it up for a more gated sound.

Cases are powder coated and silkscreened by a local firm, 

The name of the pedal and its tagline are from the original 1965 advert for the Tone Bender MK1.