Spider Fuzz

by Tru-Fi


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Effect: Fuzz

I have spent a enormous amount of time on this getting it right. I loved Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars, and they where a HUGE influence on me and truly created my love of music. Mick "Ronno" Ronson just an incredible simple and  pure rocker with passion and feel ! With his Les Paul and attitude mixed in with an original MK 1 Tonebender this his signature lead tone, and occasionally add in front a wah wah in for midrange tone control and bump. The result was a HUGE rock n roll lead tone that is purely timeless, u just can NOT - NOT love this tone. Fat - Raspy - Pure Rock N Roll attitude to boot. The Spider Fuzz relives the HUGE crunch chords of Ziggy, and the powerful soaring slow bend solo's. MANY great players from the time period used this Fuzz tone including no other than Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix.

I have put in the time to get as close to the sound and the original transistor mix as I possibly could, without going mad and also making the pedal cost $350. It runs on 1 - OC75 Black Glass Mullard transistor and 2 - Texas Instrument Metal Can transistors just like in 1966 when Vox released the Tonebender Mk 1 pedal. It has a power inverter at the power jack so it runs LIKE ALL Tru-Fi Pedals in negative tip 9V Power Supply OR Battery. No worries about finding a non-common power supply ! Just plug into a standard supply, or battery.