Subdecay Prometheus V1

by Subdecay


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Effects: Envelope filter, Filter, Resonant Filter, used

The first version of the Subdecay Prometheus Resonant Filter. 

Awesome !!


The Prometheus is a voltage controlled 12dB filter which can be manipulated by playing dynamics or an internally generated signal.

What’s it do?

The Prometheus is everything you’ve ever wanted in a filter pedal.

* Loads of headroom.
* Reasonable size (measures about 3.7×4.7 inches).
* Highpass, Bandpass, and Lowpass filtering with adjustable intensity (resonance).
* Forward and reverse envelope following.
* Sample/Hold step filtering based on 3 different wave forms.
* No special power supplies required. Operates with a single 9 volt battery or standard 9 volt adapter.

All that and it has some “hidden features” as well.

* The LFO rate can be adjusted to run much faster than the step rate. This can be used to create very interesting arpeggiation.
* The Depth knob can push the filter cutoff frequency outside of the audio range. This can be useful to create a slow attack effect.
* The step rate can be turned up high enough for smooth modulation. This can be used to create an autofilter effect, that can sound similar to a phaser or tremolo.
* A fixed filter effect is possible by turning the depth knob down all the way, and using the Frequency knob to set the filter cutoff.