Sunny Day Delay

by Dr Scientist


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Effect: Delay

The Sunny Day Delay is the latest revision of a classic Dr. Scientist pedal based on the famed PT2399 delay chip. This newest version now features a brand new tone control, mix knob and expression input all in a smaller form factor than previous versions. Offering classic, warm delay tones and ambient, modulated washes of repeats, the Sunny Day Delay can find a home on any pedalboard.

• All analog circuit and controls
• Uniquely designed circuit
• High quality analog signal path
• Premium parts and components throughout
• True Bypass with soft touch relay switching
• Full control over wet/dry mix
• Expression pedal control over Mix
• Buffered Input and Output
• Top mounted audio and power jacks
• Designed and handmade in B.C., Canada

• Delay – Sets the delay time from nearly instant to just over a second
•  Repeats – Sets the number of repeats from 1 to oscillating
• Tone – Adjust the frequency response of the repeats
• Mix – Adjusts the balance between the input signal (Dry) and the effect (Wet) signal
• Mod Depth – Increases the amount of warble in the repeats
• Mod Rate – Sets the speed of the modulation
• Volume – Controls the overall signal level
• Mod/Osc Footswitch – Either turns the modulation on/off or can be held for maximum repeats
• Bypass – Engage or disengage the effect