The Williams Supa Fuzz

by Pigdog Pedals


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Effects: Fuzz, MK1, Supa Fuzz

The Williams Supa Fuzz made by Steve Williams of Pigdog Pedals.

These are based on the MK1 types made by Marshall which is basically a variant of MK1 Tone Bender.

There are a couple of discrete modifications to the circuit to improve signal to noise ratio and make them more user friendly (hence the nod to Narb)

They can get pretty loud without all the noise sometimes associated with the traditional circuit.

Using mostly new old stock parts and high quality components. The transistors are 1960’s germanium OC82’s from Mullard.

These are actually relabelled OC81Z’s, you can just read the faint Mullard Gt.Britain print. A few units may have OC82DMs, just to be able to get the biasing right, but they are all basically the same metal can transistor.

Sound wise and with the guitar volume full this is always going to be a full bore fuzz machine, roll off for hair thinning and the classic gated splutter.

The gain structure here is rounded and loose like a typical MK1 but this is darker, almost muddy at times with a bottom end that can break up and sag into a blooming swell which is oh so rich. I could even say luxurious. The filter control adds a dynamic that is not over trebly, it more defines the character of the fuzz and opens it out.

An amazing fuzz from a master builder.