The Del Fuego Fuzz & Boost

by Sutton Instruments


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Effects: Boost, Fuzz

Designed, developed, and constructed in Yorkshire, the Del Fuego fuzz is a combination of a classic 70’s inspired fuzz pedal and a separate mild overdrive/boost pedal, both housed in our own robust steel case. With the use of superior quality components, and with a simple to use interface, the Del Fuego fuzz brings a new take on the iconic sound. Combined with the boost it has a wide range of tonal versatility, you can go from super warm and smooth, to sharper edged to make your tone cut through, and any notes you try to convey are bright and clear – it offers fantastic diversity.

If you’re looking for a pedal that can take your sound to a new level and add a layer of spice to your leads and rhythms, then the Del Fuego is for you.

Engineered by a close group of guitar enthusiasts, for guitar enthusiasts, we sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it.

Fuzz Controls

Sustain: controls the amount of fuzz
Volume: controls volume of the fuzz section
Tone: shapes overall EQ of fuzz
Presence: alters the frequency of the tone control
Heavy/light: toggles between clipping types to give heavy or light effect
Footswitch: Fuzz on or off (true bypass)

Boost Controls

Volume: controls volume of the boost section
Deep/Bright: toggles the boost flavour between standard (deep) and treble boost (bright)
Footswitch: Boost on or off (true bypass)


Fuzz 1st / Boost 1st: selects which pedal is first in the chain

The Del Fuego Fuzz & Boost