The Rabid Mammal V2.

by Black Arts Toneworks


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Previously available as customshop version called the Rabid Mammal GREEN. The v2 has all stock original Rabid Mammal tones with the addition of three toggles for alternate tonal shaping.

The boost section is a Witch Boost, now with added GRN low gain switch. This is a little less compressed giving a more solid and larger sonic boost.
The fuzz section is a partially stripped Supreme, utilizing the Pharaoh tonestack for blasted mids and LED or mosfet clipping. The addition of two toggles give alternate GREEN tones on the tone controls.
The left RED/GRN toggle gives a different mid anchor point to allow for mid scooping and the right RED/GRN tone toggle allows for a deeper cut into the mids. Using these two you can totally hollow out the meat and mids giving an extremely wide range of available mid control.

The Rabid Mammal was developed for Matt Pike of Sleep/High on Fire. Loose dark and fuzzy until the boost is engaged, then you’ll get a super thick yet edgy tone. The addition of the modified tones gives further flexibility to an already legendary device.The Rabid Mammal is not trying to recreate the past and of course, you won’t sound like Matt just because you have a Rabid Mammal. To get close, dial in your amp to a light organic distortion, think Malcolm Young. Then slam it hard with the Mammal. Tone IS in the fingers.