Theophane, Ramhead style Fuzz

by Charlie Pedals


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Effects: Big Muff, Fuzz

In Greek mythology, Theophane was a daughter of Bisaltes. In consequence of Theophane's extraordinary beauty, she was beleaguered by lovers, but was carried off by Poseidon to the isle of Crinissa. As the lovers followed her there, Poseidon metamorphosed the maiden into a sheep and himself into a ram, and turned all the inhabitants of the island into animals. As the lovers began to slaughter these animals, he changed them into wolves. -Thanks Wikipedia

Say hello to Theophane the latest creation from Charlie, its a mid 70's Muff style circuit and beautifully crafted. 

These beauties feature a quad of NOS Motorola 2N5088 transistors & some lovely NOS diodes, as well as a selection of quality new & old stock components including some sweet WIMA caps.
The Hammond 1590J enclosures are hand polished, brushed & printed in house. Utilising high quality hardware from Neutrik & Alpha throughout and a trio of Davies USA made bakelite knobs that round off the period aesthetic.
Powered by battery or diode protected 9VDC & featuring an Indicator LED: they’re rugged, road worthy & pedalboard tolerant.