by Malekko Heavy Industry


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Effects: Chorus, Delay, Modulation

We worked with Colin Newman of Wire on this unique design and the colours are inspired by his Eastwood Signature Model electric guitar.

THICKEN has 2 selectable multi-tap delay modes plus a separate chorus, for three delay lines total. Spread determines the delay times, and increasing the spread exponentially widens the delay times. With the addition of Preamp, these controls result in mind-blowing, thicker sounds that any serious player needs.

Two modes of SPREAD time: Exponential and Random, selected by holding down the stomp at power connection. In Random mode, the SPREAD control adjusts between smooth and aggressive time transitions.

Features include:

2 multi-tap delay modes
Chorus rate and depth controls
Spread volume and width control
Assignable expression input for any combination of controls and settings
Preamp control