Thunderbird MKI

by Laundromat


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Effects: Fuzz, MK1, Tonebender

This is the Thunderbird MKI from the small finish company Laundromat, 

The sounds of a MKI can vary massively in terms of tone, gating splutter, sag and smoothness of gain, which makes it one of the most widely re-created and collected  fuzz circuits as every builder has their own personal take on it. 

I know Antti has been building this circuit for a long time, he knows it well and it really shows in this incarnation. This is so musical and useable its addictive. The attack on the highs sings without spitting too much. In fact there is just enough spit to tickle your ear without getting the full tongue in it. (we have a new puppy and this is a dog reference)

The lows are bassy, articulate and do not drop their pants for anyone, retaining a good focus making this a must for any fan of the MKI, especially those who want to record with it.

Very Limited, I do not know when any more will be built, I have numbers 56 to 59 available.