TimeLab - multidimensional delay

by Mastro Valvola


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Effects: Delay, Echo

Mastro Valvola are no longer in operation and all models have been discontinued, these are the last of the last.


A laboratory in which to give full reign to your own creativity, as you experiment with the various “dimensions” of delay. This versatile delay is user-friendly and suitable for immediate use, but also ideal for users with a passion for sound research and experimentation, who will soon discover the unique moods which can be created by synchronizing the various controls.

TimeLab is an analog/digital hybrid delay.  The dry signal and the repetition filter are controlled by the analog part of the circuit, while powerful, specially created digital algorithms are used to manage the repetitions, reproducing 4 original delay resonances, all of exceptionally high sound quality.

Main features:

  • a choice of 4 types of delayDigital – Analog – Resonance – Modulation
  • active analog filter, to give emphasis to the frequency response of the repetitions
  • a selection of times, from 0 ms to 1000 ms
  • Tap Tempo with subdivision between quarterdotted eighth and eighth triplets
  • control over delay time with soft pitch bending

FILTER control: This is an active analog filter which allows you to give emphasis to the response frequency of the repetitions. It can be used with all types of delay to enrich the sound environment with unique and unusual colors.

The control is flat in its central position. Moving it to the left allows you to add emphasis to the low frequency sounds by obscuring or muffling the repetitions, whereas moving it to the right will have the opposite effect, adding emphasis to the medium-high frequencies.

Types of delay which can be selected with the TYPE control:

DIGITAL: a transparent and well-defined delay. Used to create a sharp atmosphere and robotic effects. Time can be varied from 0 ms to 1000 ms.

ANALOG: recreates the depth, warmth and nuance of the best analog delays.

Soft and warm moods and deep, open distortions. Time can be varied from 0 ms to 1000 ms.

RESONANCE: offers all the naturalness, depth and warmth of the analog delays, but with the addition of a resonance filter, which gives the sound a psychedelic touch, with a flavor of period synth. Time can be varied from 0 ms to 1000 ms.

MOD: an analog delay which adds to the repetitions a multi-vocal choral effect, giving them range and depth. Useful for creating airy and ethereal effects. Time can be varied from 0 ms to 930 ms.

TimeLab - multidimensional delay