Tone Invaders

by VL Effects


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Effect: Fuzz

VL Effects are different league effect pedals. Vincent Loret has been making innovative highend effect pedals since 1982. You can truly say he is a master craftsman. All VL effects are 100% handmade point to point with the best quality components available. This attention to detail comes out in the sound and feel of the devices.

The Tone Invaders is a Fuzz built around 3 vintage germanium transistors.


  1. LEVEL - it's a level setup with no incidence on tone and fuzz
  2. FUZZ - fuzz setup
  3. TONE - tone setup from left to right clear tone to fat tone
  4. INVADERS - it's an alien setup! Increases fuzz intesity and sensibility
  5. FUZZ MODE TOGGLE - down position is the Tone Invaders mode. Up position deactivates the Tone Invaders mode for a simple fuzz

This pedal requires reverse power. Best is from -9v to -7v.