TONE MOSAIQUE envelope pixelizer

by Lastgasp Art Laboratories


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Effects: bitcrusher, Envelope filter, Pixelizer

The "TONE MOSAIQUE - envelope pixelizer" (TMS) is a wave shaper effect pedal which samples the input signal in an analog way and changes its accuracy to get the tone.

The TMS can create the sound like bitcrusher, ring modulator, tremolo and envelope filter.

The pixel rate can follow envelope of an input signal.

There is the "EXP" jack to control the "PIXEL RATE" with the expression pedal.
From the top; "BLEND" and "TONE", the middle; "ENVELOPE SELECT" switch and "SENS", the bottom; "PIXEL RATE". BLEND controls the mix balance of input sound and effect sound. TONE controls the tone. ENVELOPE SELECT SWITCH selects the frequency range and direction of movement. SENS controls the sensitivity of envelope follower for the PIXEL RATE. PIXEL RATE controls the sample rate.

On the top side, there are jacks for an AC ADAPTER, EXP, OUTPUT and INPUT. As for the expression pedal to connect the "EXP" jack, the "Roland EV-5"* can control the full range of the "PIXEL RATE".
The process of the wave shaping in the TMS is similar to bitcrusher, but where as bitcrushers are generally made digitally, the TMS is pure analog!
As the name implies, the TMS transforms your dry signal to something equivalent to a mosaique effect found in images, where the pixel sizes are changed to create unique and wonderful contortions. The TMS is an entirely unique pedal which combines the worlds of bitcrushing, ring modulating, tremolos and envelope filters into one analog box!

TONE MOSAIQUE envelope pixelizer