ToneInvaders 1964 Gold MK1 Ltd

by VL Effects


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Effects: Fuzz, Germanium, MK1

This is Vincents interpretation of the MKI Tonebender. As with all Vincents creations the attention to detail is another level. 

Made using 2 Germanium Gold Mullard OC44's, a Texas 2G377, 1939 paper and oil capacitors, carbon comp resistors, point to point wiring and a lot of love.

The controls are set up with the swell and attack like an original 1965 (Volume, Attack Bias) the Fuzz control adds a second stage of fuzz that allows control over the amount of distortion. The cut switch reduces the bad high frequencies when the fuzz and attack controls are past the 12 o'clock point. It almost adds a slight compression tightening and focusing the low/mids which is useful in recording environments.

The Alien switch is "take off time" going to full power and completely opening up all the rich harmonics. Use with caution, its loud, dial back on the vol first!

These are limited to 20 and i don't know if they will ever be repeated. This is number 9. A must for any MKI wedgie fuzzlover :)