Twin Bender

by Ramble FX


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Effects: Fuzz, Tonebender

These are the last of the last. Ramble FX ceased to exist after Tim's passing in July (2022). These were part of the remaining inventory and are being sold as New Old Stock. 

Twin Bender uses the same circuit of Sola Sound's legendary Tone Bender™ MKII Professional that Jimmy Page and many others made famous. The first time you engage Twin Bender you'll know why the Tone Bender circuit is the holy grail of fuzz. It's an explosion of harmonics and infinite sustain that melts into feedback.

​Twin Bender has a long list of features that make it the most versatile and user friendly Tone Bender available. The MKII Pro/MKI.V switch makes it two 'Benders in one. MK1.5 mode uses one less transistor for less fuzz. The 'impede' (impedance) mini-knob allows Twin Bender to be used after a wah, buffer, wireless, etc., something that most vintage fuzzes cannot do very well. It also has a built-in voltage inverter, bias control, and relay-based true bypass switching.

Twin Bender uses NOS (new, old stock) ​transistors sourced from around the world. We have a large enough supply to be very selective. They are tested for several electrical specifications, noise, and tone before the best are matched for a Twin Bender.

Twin Bender's built-in voltage inverter solves the need for a (+) "positive ground" power supply that Tone Benders and other vintage fuzzes require. This means there's no risk of a short circuit when sharing a supply and no need to power it by battery only.


This is an input impedance control. Why? Germanium fuzz pedals generally sound bad when placed after another device. The "impede" mini-knob helps fix that. It also decreases gain.


Both are based on Tone Bender circuits. The legendary MKII has tons of fuzz with infinite sustain. The less famous MK1.5 has one less transistor for less fuzz.


The Tone Bender circuit doesn't adapt well to a tone knob. This switch swaps out capacitors in order to get three different voicings while preserving the stock circuit.


The bias sets the operating voltage of a transistor. It can change based on temperature; this mini-knob make it easy to adjust. Tone-wise, it can go from a sputtering mess to a proper fuzz.

Twin Bender