ADG-1 Special Edition

by Asheville Music Tools


Out of stock

Effects: analog, Delay

This AMpT goes to 1100 milliseconds!

ADG-1 Special Edition: 100% Analog Delay from 16ms to 1.0555s of delay time with a bonus delay insert loop

ADG-1 SE is currently out of stock. Check with our dealers while supplies last. We are expecting to build another batch in Fall 2023.
Features our “Guitarry Night” (Chameleon Teal) color-shifting sparkly high gloss finish and genuine solid aluminum
GØRVA knobs.

The ADG-1 is a special edition of our ADG-1 analog delay. We began with a standard ADG-1 and included the following hand-made modifications and additions:

  • A 3rd high-voltage Xvive™ analog delay bucket has been added, allowing switching between delay times of 16ms-350ms or 50ms-1.055sec (extendable up to 1.35sec with control voltages or expression pedal)

  • The addition of a TRS insert on the delay loop allowing the patching of effects such as EQ or octave pedals into your delayed signal to successively affect the repeats without changing the dry tone

  • Premium “Guitarry Night” metallic shimmer sparkle finish with a high-durability gloss coating