Vitruvian Mod

by Subdecay


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Effects: Modulation, modulator, Ring Modulator

Prepare yourself for the Vitruvian Mod. This pedal is a ring modulator with a synthesizer soul. Inspired by additive synthesis and set apart from other ring modulators by its pitch detection capabilities and the ability to be tuned by site, the Vitruvian Mod is a ring modulator you can love.
What is ring modulation?
Ring Modulators multiply two signals (input and carrier.) The end result is the sum and difference of the two frequencies. While the math is simple the results are often dissonant and unmusical.
Most ring modulators are simply hard to use. There are interesting sounds to be created, but controlling the effect can be a chore, especially dialing it in live. It's not the type of effect that you can haphazardly set the dials and expect a predictable result. Sometimes you just want to plug in and play.
We set out to solve the usability issues, but not limit the range of the effect. This is where the entropy switch comes in. It is an "ease of use" toggle. Set to either order or chaos this switch alters the functionality of the carrier and fine tune knobs.

Pitch detection
One of the interesting ways to use a ring modulator is to tune it to add harmonic tones. This only works for a few notes in a traditional ring modulator. Other notes will render varying levels of dissonance and chaos. We added pitch detection and the ability to offset the carrier from the input. The offsets are based on harmonic ratios, creating interesting harmonic structures to everything you play.

Fixed Carrier modulation
Classic ring modulation sounds are available as well by setting the tracking switch to null 0. Unlike the typical coarse/fine tune arangement, the Vitruvian Mod's carrier knob has seven fixed steps. When the entropy switch is set to order the carrier knob steps through the notes E A D G B E A. Perfect for guitar! The fine tune knob can detune the carrier up or down by a minor third. With the entropy set to Chaos there are eight octaves of range from ~19Hz to ~2.5kHz.

We designed the effect so that even if you don't understand what it does the controls feel natural and intuitive.