Wardenclyffe Deluxe

by Hungry Robot


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Effects: ambient, Lo-Fi, modulator

Same great Wardenclyffe vibes and base circuit and coding. Here is what’s new (spoiler: it’s a lot). The Deluxe now has tap tempo control as well as a wider range of modulation rates and an LED rate indicator. Also new is an independent control over the level of the ambient PAD. The CLOCK knob controls the operating frequency of the DSP. Lower frequencies turn the signal into an ultra muddled, borderline unusable, muddled lofi mess. The DETUNE toggle splits the signal into two and tastefully detunes one of them for a lush chorus effect. The CRUSH toggle adds a gnarly bit crusher to the signal. The three small knobs on top are a Vinyl Noise simulator to mimic an old record player. The Snake knob adds a filtered white noise/hiss to the mix. The Campfire knob adds a crackle effect. The Pop knob (or if you didn’t grow up in the Midwest, soda knob) adds a random popping effect. The Wardenclyffe was already a very solid pedal but now I consider this to be the most feature packed lofi pedal out there.


The Wardenclyffe is a lo-fi ambient modulator. It emulates the magical lo-fi textures of early audio recordings.

Inspired by Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, the pedal attempts to capture the essence of one of the most mysterious and odd scientists of the century.

The Wardenclyffe wears many hats: it is a pitch modulator, vintage low pass, high pass filter, & ambient pad reverb.

Depending on knob positions, it can be used subtly as a vibrato, chorus, or pad reverb... or by cranking the filter, depth, and wet knobs you can get into extremely nauseating lo-fi territory.

All elements combined, it provides all the tools you need to get that beautifully broken lo-fi texture you've been dreaming of.

Knob and Switch Description
WET: Controls volume of wet signal. At full turn, this goes above unity gain.
DRY: Controls volume of dry signal. At full turn, this matches unity gain.

HP/LP: Switches between High Pass Filter (UP) and Low Pass Filter (DOWN)

FILTER: Blends between filtered signal and clean signal. Filters have a fixed cutoff frequency.
PAD: Switches on a "below-the-mix" ambient reverb that sits just at the edge of infinite sustain.

LFO/GLITCH: Selects modulation source for pitch-bending. LFO is a standard SINE wave. Glitch is a how a SINE wave acts after a few drinks.
DEPTH: Controls the depth of the pitch-bending modulation.
SPEED: Controls the speed of the pitch-bending modulation.