T-'59 MXV Telecaster Pickups

by Throbak Electronics


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Effect: Pick Ups

The T-'59 MXV ThroBak Telecaster pickup set reproduces the added power and punch of '59 era Telecaster pickup with the 7.3k bridge and 7.3k neck pickups. The longer Illinois Made A5 magnets and staggered D and G pole magnets of the '59 Tele era combine with a higher resistance and result in a full, fat tone. This tone was favored by greats like Jimmy Page with his 1959 Telecaster, showcased in the Led Zeppelin I LP and the Led Zeppelin IV Stairway to heaven solo. Hand scattered neck and bridge pickups are wound with vintage correct plain enamel wire for the ultimate in vintage '59 era tone.

Paired with a 7.3k hand scatted neck pickup for full, clear neck tones that match perfectly with the ThroBak T-'59 bridge pickup.