Motorcycle Overdrive

by Hudson Electronics


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Effect: Overdrive

Ten years ago Michael Hudson of Hudson Electronics released a pedal called the Overdrive 999 which was a heavily modified version of that infamous green overdrive, tuned for more bass, wider gain range, greater headroom and amp-like clipping. It was fairly short lived as it essentially became the Sidecar. A fantastic overdrive that has more attitude and an up front character.

However, the 999 had a certain something....mainly in the low end, a textural underbelly if you will. So i asked Michael if he would re-visit it and the idea of the Motorcycle was born. Its really clever too, it still has that cutting attitude but its complimented by a soft fuzzy underbelly that holds together the low end beautifully.

Michaels Description: The Motorcycle is a modified version of our Sidecar overdrive pedal - our take on the soft clipping overdrive circuit with the added versatility of a powerful two band EQ which draws inspiration from a vintage recording console. The Motorcycle has been tuned to give more distortion in the lower frequencies and the EQ a different response. It also adds a transformer at the end of the signal chain to soften the attack and generate a subtle layer of saturation to the signal.

Power requirements: 9-24 VDC center negative. Running at the higher voltage gives you more headroom, output level and clarity.