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The concept of Plexition is "to accompany fuzz".

It was developed for the purpose of placing it after the fuzz. I like the sound of fuzz, but I can't take full advantage of the ensemble of the band because "the sound doesn't come through", "the sound is small", and "using a booster reduces the fuzz's goodness". RoShi Pedals has been working on a Booster that responds to this opinion for some time. There are various approaches, such as a booster that emphasises the middle range, a booster that cuts the bass, and a booster that adds gain.

The original idea of the Plexition was inspired by certain amp in a full live band environment whilst using a Smug Face Ge. The sound of the fuzz was multiplied, lifting it and expressing its full tonal capability. This way the fuzz is emphasised wonderfully and does not get lost in a band setting.  But Plexition's capabilities don't stop there.The Plexition alone distorts well and has enough output level to push the amp. This one has the potential to be active as an overdrive.

The Switch in the upper right can select 3 gains . normal, and high gain. This is not a typical diode switching. The Gain Switch is designed so that you can choose which frequencies to emphasize. The higher the gain, the flatter the sound tends to be, but this Gain Switch allows you to get deep distortion without losing the contour by adjusting the frequency according to the gain depth that RoShi Pedals thinks.

You can select the amount of bass with the Switch in the middle."When used as a fuzz booster" is no cut (center). It is supposed to be used to select right or left when "pushing the amp" or "distorting with Plexition alone".

It is a very large output. When using for the first time, gradually increase from 0. You can get enough output to play headphones.


- If you want to make the most of the fuzz's treble, try setting TONE to full.

·Fuzz with high output will saturate if Plexition gain is increased too much.

·When combining with SMUG FACE, we recommend normal or crunch Gain Switch.

·When combining with ELF Fa ZZ or "R" Fazz,it is recommended that the Gain Switch is set to high gain and the Gain is lowered.

·Plexition has less bass. The minimum necessary bass is left to express the power of the fuzz. If you feel that the bass is not enough, I think it will be easier to create the sound if you raise the bass of the amplifier a little 


·Power supply: 9V battery or DC9V center negative

·With LED·Mechanical true bypass· We pay close attention to manufacturing, but there may be stains, scratches, or faint printing. Please note that almost all work is done by hand.