SLE-101 Plus P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickups

by Throbak Electronics


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Effects: P.A.F, Pick ups

Throbak Electronics pickups come in various spec's. If there is something you require specifically i can order them in for you.

ThroBak Electronics is the world leader in vintage reproduction PAF pickups. ThroBak PAF clone pickups are copied from original PAF pickups and Gibson patent number pickups from the 50's and 60's. Years of research into every detail of the vintage originals has shown us how make the best PAF style pickup on the planet. ThroBak PAF reproduction pickups are crafted in Grand Rapids Michigan with an unmatched combination of custom made, period accurate parts, and 100% vintage accurate winding machines and processes. 

The SLE-101 Plus Limited has the same winder configuration as the  SLE-101 Limited but with ThroBak custom cast unoriented A5 magnets and extra winds for more mid dominant power and bite. The unoriented A5 has the crunch of A2 plus the added mid projection of A5. Vintage spec. plain enamel magnet wire, Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplates. These are among the best PAF pickup reproduction with ummatched vintage PAF humbucker pickup accuracy. Vintage wound on the Slug 101 and Leesona 102. Made in USA.

These SLE-101's are wax potted and have aged nickel covers. Neck 7.8k, Bridge 8.4k