The Karman Line

by Hungry Robot


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Effects: ambient, Delay, Lo-Fi, modulator

This pedal is designed to take you past the Kármán Line on a voyage to undiscovered sonic worlds. The Kármán Line is a joystick delay and oscillation device designed with experimental musicians in mind, but will fit nicely onto any board for any playing style.

The base of the pedal is a delay that is heavily filtered and becomes darker with every successive repeat. Though the delay is digital, its voicing is heavily influenced by the dark repeats and degenerative decay in delays like the DM-2 which is known for its beautiful self-oscillation. It also boasts an LFO driven, analog modulation for vinyl-esque warping.

The most intriguing aspect of The Kármán Line is the joystick and warp capabilities. The Y-Axis of the joystick changes the delay time (up to 1000ms) and the X-Axis controls the modulation rate. The best thing about having the joystick is that The Kármán Line employs a delay chip that makes an audible warping noise when you change the delay time. This produces some very interesting results especially when the delay is driven into self-oscillation.

The right footswitch is called "Launch" switch. When you turn this on, it automatically overloads the circuit with out-of-control ramping oscillation. Because of the unique characteristics of the delay chip, manipulating the joystick gives you some out-of-this-world alien sounds.

With ramping oscillation, it can get really loud, really fast. To help control this, The Kármán Line has a secondary mix knob that replaces the primary mix knob when the Launch switch is activated. This feature lets you control the volume of the oscillation, keep your sound-guy happy, and still be able to hear your guitar through the oscillation.